Hi there! We are lawyers of the new generation. We help to facilitate cooperation between clients, team members, partners and state. We have expertise in start-up structures, in preparing smart and human understandable contracts, transfer of rights, GDPR and more.
We love to simplify legal issues and enjoy life with our customers, together developing the digital world.
Digilaw Team
Our team is small, but we already have a cat. We introduce to you a team of new generation lawyers and our cat.
Digilaw Team
Our team is small, but we already have a cat. We introduce to you a team of new generation lawyers and our cat.
Your main goal is to run your business, and our goal is to help you to do by taking over the tasks that our experts understand.
We advise how to interact with other people's intellectual property rights, what rights you need to register and how to best protect them.
Intellectual Property (IP)
Proprietary Information
We draft contracts for development & design of your product. We optimally arrange relationships between partners, employees, contractors and investors.
Service Contract
License Agreement
Cooperation with Clients and Partners
Сonflict Resolution
We protect your interests in the event of inspections or other issues arising when interacting with government agencies. We help with the claims handling and court settlement.
Website and Mobile App Protection
We help to navigate the legal landscape of online businesses; preparing user agreements, privacy policies and public offers
Court Process
Terms and Conditions
Public Offer
That you will enjoy working with us and recommend Digilaw to your friends. We are expert Lawyers (as our clients think).
That legal matters don't have to be boring; there are solutions – effective, fast and will not break the bank.
To truly help a client, we must fully immersing ourselves within their business, successfully discovering new solutions.
Digilaw Philosophy
We Believe
We Prove
We Know
We work hard like busy bees, while loving our job, enjoying life with our customers and striving to serve them better each day.
We are ready to be friends with colleagues
An ecosystem of partnerships is the key to mutually beneficial cooperation.
If you are an international law firm, we are ready to save you time and take responsibility for solving the problems of your clients in Ukraine
You will have access to expert industry contacts and knowledge, while saving yourself from costly mistakes.
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Our experience allows us to contribute to the global collaboration for growth and entry into international markets, while upholding the reputation and support of our clients
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