Business in Ukraine
One of the determines that contributes to the development of business in Ukraine is a possibility of using a simplified tax system with the —Āomparatively low tax rate (3%-5%). This tax system is available for private entrepreneur (PPE) for both the Ukrainians and the foreigners. Let's focus on the second option.
The process of registration of the PPE by foreigners has been simplified in 2018 and consists of the following steps:
1. First of all You have to register with the State Register of Individual Taxpayers and receive Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
2. After that, you should apply for registration of the PPE at the territorial unit
of Ministry of Justice or online (, providing
the following docs:
  • a foreign passport with notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  • an Individual Legal Identification Number;
  • the Application for registration (You can find it on the territorial unit website or contact to Digilaw for help);
  • confirmation of Your location in Ukraine (it can be a rental agreement, documents confirming the right of ownership of real estate in Ukraine).
3. All information will be collected and verified by the state registrar after submission of documents.
3. If your documents are well-formed you will obtain an extract from the Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations Register.
We all are waiting for the e-residence program, announced by Ukrainian government, which should simplify the procedure of registration of the PPE
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